Yilan, Taiwan

No. 96,Section 5, Binhai Road, Toucheng Town, Taiwan
Tel no.: +886 915569597

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Why do a DBS?

Do you have a passion to study more about the Bible?Do you want to have a closer relationship with God? A Discipleship Bible School is a great place to get to know God through His Word and learn how to apply it. Through 3 months of DBS you will get a big picture of God’s redemptive story and read through the whole Bible. In this school, you will be equipped to lead a bible study group. We will have one-on-ones, and small groups besides lecture times. We hope the students can have a great fellowship and learn from each other during the small groups .

Why Yilan,Taiwan?

Do you have a heart for the unreached? There are over 40% of the people groups in the world considered unreached, and there are about 9 people groups in Taiwan considered unreached. At our base, you will be living among the local community. Outside of the lecture time, you will have plenty of opportunities to apply what you learn from DBS. Do you enjoy nature? Yilan is surrounded by the beautiful ocean and mountains. Why not study the Word of God by the beautiful scenery? Do you surf/ have a heart for the surfing community? Our base focus on using surfing as a bridge to evangelize and disciple surf community in Yilan, and impact surf communities in Asia with God’s love.

School leaders:

Alex Campbell:

Alex did his DTS in Montana in 2015,and SBS in 2016-2017. And staffed SBS for a couple years. 24 years old and his residence is in Hawaii. For fun, he enjoys outdoor activities especially hiking and camping.

Bess Yeh:

Bess is from Taiwan. She did her DTS in Skien, Norway in 2013, SBS, Titus Project and SOFM in Taiwan. In 2017, Bess and her team were sent out to Yilan from Taipei to pioneer a new YWAM base. She staffed a DBS in Skien in 2019. Bess likes taking walks, swimming, and spending time with people in her free time.