Wiler, Switzerland

YWAM Wiler – DBS
Hauptstrasse 15
3266 Wiler bei Seedorf

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Why do a DBS?

You want “to know God and make Him known” but you are maybe challenged when it comes to the book in which He reveals Himself to us? Whether you have never read through the whole bible or have questions about the parts you’ve read, whether you want to see the big picture and discover God’s story with mankind or you want to dig deeper and build a stronger foundation on the Word of God, whether you want togrow yourself in understanding and application or learn how to disciple othersusing the Bible – the DBS is the school you’re looking for!

In 12 weeks we will together discover the whole Bible, read through all its 66 books chronologically and learn about their historical & cultural context, literary genres and main themes. We will see how the narratives, wisdom literature and prophets in the Old Testament and the Gospels, Epistles and Revelation in the New Testament all connect and form one big picture that shows God’s redemptive story with mankind. The Bible will come alive for you in an environment that allows you to explore, ask questions, share your thoughts and be challenged to pass on what you’ve learned.

In the context of a cross cultural community that is centered on His presence, we want to engage with scripture in a dynamic way and put into practice what we have studied. You will learn how to lead a dynamic and effective bible study group, be able to confidently present a Bible overview and be better equipped to explain the word of God to others. The lectures will be translated into either German or English. Bible reading groups will be in your preferred language, as well as discussion groups and one-on- ones. No matter what your calling is, a good knowledge of God’s word is an invaluable foundation! Dig deep into the most exciting book on the planet, fall in love with its author and continue the transformation that has started in your DTS in the DBS.

Why Wiler?

As a tiny nation in the very heart of Europe, Switzerland has a rich Christian heritage. The Gospel has reached Switzerland already in the First Century. Ever since then, many people in Switzerland’s history have upheld and taught the Bible as the Word of God: Zwingli translated the Bible and led the Reformation in Zurich, Calvin’s expositions of the Bible spread throughout Europe and made him the master builder for the reformation. People from other nations where greatly influenced in Switzerland by Biblical teaching, e.g. John Knox, who started the Reformation in Scotland. Also the Anabaptist or Mennonite movement were founded here. Still today the Swiss Constitution begins: “In the name of the Almighty God!” and the Swiss national anthem is actually a worship song or psalm. Could there be a better place to study the Word of God?

Wiler is a small village, located in the gorgeous countryside of the Lake District, very centrally in the middle between Bern (the Swiss capital) and Biel/Bienne, which are within easy reach (18km) by public transport, car, or even by bicycle. Lyss and the beautiful mediaeval town of Aarberg provide good facilities for almost all of your shopping and are both very close by. 1987 YWAM bought the training base which was called “House Jeruel”. Jeruel is a desert, were Jehoshaphat won a great victory by a miraculous intervention of God (2 Chronicles 20). The name means ‘being taught by God’ which is exactly what we want to be – we as staff on the base as well as the other people who are coming here. YWAM Wiler has had a School of Biblical studies for over 30 years, giving it at wealth of Bible knowledge and teachers. It is our heart and passion to see another Biblical Reformation happen in this generation through a mighty move of God’s Spirit.

School Leader

Timo (Germany)

Originally coming from the North of Germany, Timo has come to Switzerland for his DTS in 1997. He has done several other YWAM schools and has worked many years with the DTS. He is married to Sue and they have three lovely daughters. His passion is to see people becoming worshippers in Spirit and Truth and he is excited to see the DBS being established in Wiler.