Cologne, Germany

YWAM Cologne
Dünweg 19,
51399 Burscheid, Germany

Upcoming School Dates:
Once a year in April (Contact school directly for dates and fees).


More information:

Why do a DBS?

During this 12-week introduction to the Bible, you will receive an overview of “God’s story” and discover more of his ways. You will read the entire Bible, observe the chronology of biblical events, better understand each book in its historical context, understand the harmony between books, and recognize the different genres of literature and major themes found in all 66 books. By going directly to the source, you will learn foundational truths of the Christian faith. So be transformed by the bible and fall in a deeper love with the one who inspired it.

Why Cologne?

We believe that Germany and Europe needs to come back to its roots: the bible and biblical values and principles. We are a nation, founded on the bible, but most people, even Christians, don’t know that anymore. So be part of falling in love with the bible and be part of the Vision to spread this Love for him and his word all over Germany and Europe. His Word can transform nations! This will change our future!