Davos, Switzerland

YWAM Davos
Landwasserstrasse 46
7277 Davos Glaris, SWITZERLAND

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 Why do a DBS?

We are starving ourselves if we aren’t being fed by the Word. DBS teaches you how to eat God’s food and digest it. The DBS is a 12 week course that takes you through the whole Bible chronologically by tracing God’s redemptive plan, illuminating His character, and inviting you to His promises. You are fed daily in lectures through learning about historical context through engaging and varying guest speakers. Community is key as you chew on God’s Word through the fellowship of small groups and engage in individually assigned homework. Not only will you feed yourself but you will also learn to feed others, specifically through the tool of Inductive Bible Study. The school’s desire is that students would be able to not only read the words on the page but experience the transformation that comes by being fed. Through this students will learn how to allow the Word to practically transform them. It gives them tools to understand how to apply the Word to their lives and how to grow in actually living it out. Come with the expectancy of being filled!

Why Davos?

Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Davos is a quaint mountain town possessing an encompassing simplicity. Cows, lakes, mountains, trails, rope swings, ski hills. Davos is the best place to do a DBS. You are transported out of the business of life into a humble environment where you can tangibly feel and experience the beauty of God. People from all over the world are drawn to Davos because of the snowboarding experience but it also invites people to hear God personally say to them, “Be still and know that I am GOD!”. God has a history of encountering His people while experiencing a mountainous landscape. Mount Sinai is an incredible example of this and Jesus continually retreated to the mountains to pray and hear from His Father. You will have the same experience, literally, as Davos is the highest town in Europe! “We are passionate about God’s presence. We desire to understand God’s Kingdom and see it unfold around us. We are committed to love well. We are free people. We love to have fun together.”

School leader

Julia Penner: Originally from Canada, Julia did her DTS in YWAM Brisbane, Australia in 2016 and completed the DBS in Queenstown, New Zealand at the end of 2017. After taking part in a DBS outreach to Papua New Guinea, she found that her heart was for the Truth to be known among all people. After visiting the base in Davos in early 2019, pioneering the DBS was put strongly onto her heart. She is staffing the DBS in October 2019 in Queenstown to then start it in the fall of 2020. She loves people, she loves community, she loves the Word, and wants it all together!