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Why do a DBS?

The DBS is for you if… you long for a strong foundation in the word of God and want to learn how to apply it. The DBS is for you if… you have not read the whole bible yet and would like to discover God’s story with mankind. The DBS is for you if… you have read the bible and realized that you don’t understand many things and have many questions. The DBS is for you if… you have the desire to know God more and to make Him known.

In the DBS, throughout 12 weeks, you will get an overview of God’s story with mankind. You will read through all 66 books of the bible chronologically and learn more about the historical setting and genre of literature of each of the books. You will also learn to share about your faith and put into practice what you have studied. In this way, there is a continuation of the transformation that was started in the Discipleship Training School. We will have lecture times, one-on-ones, small groups, and evangelism and mercy ministries in the community.

Topics in the DBS generally follow through the books that you are chronologically studying. Although each book is studied to discover its original intent, you will also study topics. For example – you will look at Worldview and Origins as you study through Genesis, Exodus, and Job. Or you might look at Leadership and Worship as you study the life of David in 1 & 2 Samuel, Chronicles, and the Psalms. During the study of Acts and Paul’s missionary journeys, you might study Cross-cultural Missions and the Cost of the Call. Each book is filled with insights to be discovered!

Why Hurlach?

The YWAM base in Hurlach is in the beautiful countryside of Bavaria. The base is inside the Hurlach Castle which was built more than 400 years ago and has been a part of YWAM since 1972. It was purchased for an evangelistic outreach during the Olympic Games in Munich. Since then, it has been a training base for young people to be equipped for their calling to go into all the world and to make Him known.

Hurlach Castle was also the second base in YWAM! More about it can be read in the book written by our founder Loren Cunningham “Is That Really You God?” As the bible department, it is our goal to help you grow in your faith and to develop a solid foundation in the Word of God. We want to send you out to be a messenger of hope and truth in the world. Although our focus is on Germany and Europe, we run the schools bilingually (in German and English), so more people can be trained to go out to wherever God is calling them.