Asunción, Paraguay

YWAM Asuncion
Hassler 4402,
Asuncion, Paraguay

Upcoming school:
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Phone number:
+595 985890202

Why do a DBS?

When the Lord challenged us to pioneer this base we got the word that it would be a field need base. Meaning whatever the field needs or asks for we would do instead of offering what we think we should do. And we have been having various request to do a bible school that is easy accessible for people with low education.





Why Asuncion?

Our base is focused on finishing the 5 finish lines of the great commission in Paraguay.
1 A bible for ALL
2 A church for ALL
3 The gospel to ALL
4 ALL people groups reached
5 Justice and compassion for ALL
And since only 1.38% of Paraguayans is member of a protestant Church and we do allot of evangelism so we have many people with no or very little church background in our DTSses and Evangelism schools and they want to do a Bible school to get to know the Word in a deeper level. So we are trying to meet the need of our field.

School Leader

Gloria Acuña

She is a daughter of God. She was born in Paraguay. By profession she is a Media Producer.
In 2018 she did her DTS and right after, she did SBS in 2019 at the base in Kansas City, United States.
In that season, she fell in love with the word and she saw the need to provide tools for reading the word in her country of origin.
Currently, she serves at the YWAM Asunción base and took on the challenge of teaching the inductive method in workshops and the schools that the base offers.
Her heart beats for the church and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in Paraguay.