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Jody Counts

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Why do a DBS?

The Bible is ranked as the #1 Best-selling book of non-fiction, but how many people have read it or understood it? Many people have never heard of the Bible or read any of it.  Some people have heard of the Bible, but they heard that it is not trustworthy because it has errors.  Other people have heard about the Bible and believe the Bible is true, but they may not know the whole story or how the stories they know are all linked together to form one story about Jesus.  YWAM believes everyone should have access to the Word of God in a language they understand. The Discipleship Bible School provides students the opportunity to read, understand, as well as teach the Bible, because the Bible should be heard and understood by everyone.

Why Penang, Malaysia?

Malaysia is a multicultural nation with 112 indigenous languages, but most of these languages have no portion of the Bible available in that language. YWAM Malaysia is a family of multicultural communities called to equip waves of God’s people to finish the task of reaching the least, the last and the lost.  Penang, Malaysia is a bustling international destination for culture, heritage, nature, adventure, food & lifestyle. The vision of YWAM Penang is to empower the youth of Malaysia to experience God and to make Him known among the lost in Malaysia and the nations.

School leaders

Jody Counts has worked with YWAM for 20 years being blessed to serve as staff at five YWAM operating location on four continents (Europe, North America, Africa and Asia).  During that time Jody has led or staffed seven Bible Core Courses and eight Biblical Teaching and Preaching Schools.  He also led a team of people to start an ongoing project reaching the high risk population for HIV/AIDS in Penang in 2007.  Jody has been leading YWAM Penang since 2012.  Jody has a BA degree in Biblical Studies from the University of the Nations as well as a MA degree from the Malaysian Baptist Theological Seminary, and is an ordained Baptist pastor. Jody is married to Joanna.