Angra do Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Francisco Guedes da Silva Street,
33, Mambucaba Park, 
Rio de Janeiro,Brasil

Upcoming school:
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Phone number:
+55 24 99881-0468   

Why do a DBS?

Because we study God’s word in depth with the intention of broadening our knowledge about who God is and who we are.

DBS (Disciple Bible School) is a YWAM school, lasting three months, aimed at studying the Bible and learning about God and his plan of redemption described in all of His word. 

Why Angra do Reis?

We are a pioneer base, one year and four months old, and in a short time we have already seen the Lord doing miracles and wonders in this place.

We carry a vision that aims to reach all the least reached and least engaged people, and we are an arm of the Jesus 4All Movement.

Our base is located in a community with many challenges, and being inserted in this place, we have many opportunities to serve families in need, do evangelism, social work and more.

Our DBS leaders will come from Cartagena, Colombia, and it will be a cross-cultural experience, we will be able to learn a lot from them and they from us. Serving the community, and the base in this time!

School Leaders


Paola and Hadison

Paola and Hadison got married on April 9 of this year, Hadison have been in YWAM for 3 years and Paola has been in YWAM for 3 and a half years. They have served in the DTS and in the DBS, mostly as staff of the DBS, Hadison has also been part of plating the DBS in Temuco, Chile.