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Why do a DBS?

The Discipleship Bible School allows us to follow Jesus with the God’s word as the light for our path. Together, we discover the story of the Bible, become discipled by God’s words, and fall in love with the author of the bible even more.   The course is a wonderful opportunity after DBS to continue building a godly character and a lifelong hunger and love for the Word.Throughout the DBS, we will read the bible together, observe, learn and understand more about the original context that it was written in.  You will learn how to lead others through inductive Bible studies and share an overview of the Bible’s story.  You will be able to share your faith more confidently, and explain the Word of God more accurately. This will not only be accomplished in the classroom, but also outside the classroom, through one-on-ones, small groups, evangelism and times of ministry in the community.  Encountering God through his word, and putting his truth into practice allows us to see our lives transformed.

Why Lausanne?
When you step onto the YWAM Lausanne campus, you encounter a rich heritage of missions. YWAM Lausanne was the first YWAM training location, and it continues to be a gateway into world missions today. Located within the heart of Europe, we are a community that trains and empowers leaders to go to the nations and engage their personal and professional world with the life-changing message of the Gospel.  We come from diverse backgrounds, and as a multicultural community, we pray, study, work, celebrate and worship together.

School leader: Michelle Watson
“G’day from an Aussie who loves God and loves to smile!  I am so thankful we have access to the bible in languages that we understand.  God’s words is powerful, and I love to see God at work as we apply it in our own lives and see nations transformed, one person at a time.”  Michelle is a Physiotherapist who studied an Associate Degree in Christian Missions, before completing her DTS and joining YWAM Lausanne in 2007.   Michelle has led numerous DTS’s and helped pioneer YWAM Lausanne’s first BCC on location in 2010.