Tijuana, Mexico

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Why do a DBS?

Why Tijuana?

Why do a Discipleship Bible school in the Northern Baja of Mexico? Where else do you get to live by a gorgeous coastline, enjoy small groups in a home or cafe during the week and then on the weekends build a home for a family in need? This is also the birthplace of Homes of Hope – a 30-year old ministry of YWAM which puts families in a new home in just two days! Our base offers many local ministries, which is our DNA – to be the hands and feet of Christ to the poor, orphan, widow and homeless. Here we won’t just study the Bible, we will walk out what we learn in the real-world week by week! Whether you want to build a home, serve the needy, work with youth or have other ministry desires, we have the opportunities to practice what we learn in DBS. Come join us this Spring or Fall and discover God in a new way and use your own skills to build His kingdom here in Mexico!