Ozarks, USA 

7119 Mountain View Dr
Ozark, Arkansas 72949, USA

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Why do a DBS?

You experienced transformation in DTS and you want that to deepen. Time set apart in the Word is your best next step. Discipleship Bible School enables you to engage directly with Scripture, not just learn concepts about it. Invite the Living Word to be present when you read books of the Bible together in small groups. Ask your questions, share your thoughts, and consider the implications of what you read.  God will open your eyes to more of His perspective. Each week you will discover discipleship and leadership themes, ways of Bible study, and how to share your faith more effectively as you listen to seasoned teachers. At the end of twelve weeks you will come away with an overview of God’s Story across the centuries and pages of Scripture. And we are convinced this will make you always hunger for more!

Why Ozarks?

In 2003 God’s call led Jim & Barb Nizza to move their family from Kona, Hawaii, to launch a YWAM work in the Ozarks region of Arkansas.  Why Ozark, Arkansas? There Barb’s grandfather had started Ozark Bible Institute in 1946 on Manitou Mountain, sending most of their students out as pastors or missionaries.  It was closed down 40 years later. Fast forward to 1999, Jim and Barb were praying about buying a home in Kona when God spoke clearly that they were to restore the spiritual inheritance that had been lost and forgotten on the mountain in Arkansas. This directive was a complete surprise. Eventually they moved and purchased the Bible college property, despite a cancer diagnosis for Jim. Jim led the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Kona and has a UofN Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies, and was eager to bring a Bible school back. This property has a legacy for studying and applying the Word. That vision didn’t die after Jim went to be with the Lord. Our 66-acre campus is a peaceful setting for soaking in the Word, and yet it’s close enough to city to connect with crowds when you feel that need.

School Leaders

Johnson Tran

Johnson, born into a traditional Vietnamese family in Southern California, came to YWAM Ozarks to do his School of Biblical Studies in 2016.  He is passionate for the Word, and loves discipling and encouraging others. Johnson has staffed and led multiple DBS schools and plans to continue to do so for years to come.