Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil

Zip code: 18.603-280
Professora Garibaldina Pinheiro Machado Tolosa, nº 119
Vila Sao Lucio
Botucatu, São Paulo, Brasil

Upcoming School:
First semester (Please contact the base directly for dates and fees)

Leonardo Paiva
+55 14 99632 7211
+55 14 99840 3034

More Information:

Why do a DBS?

 The Lord has been talking to us about the importance of the word, and we want to form a generation that loves the word of God, that has a biblical worldview and that is awakened like King Josiah, like Shaphan and Hilkiah the priest. We want to inspire people to find the Book, carry the Book and people to repent before the Book.

Why Botucatu?

Brazil has many promises. Among them, being a granary of missions and being the country that sends the most missionaries. At the main entrances to the city of Botucatu, there are signs with the following saying: “Botucatu, is from the Lord Jesus”, and beside them, there are also Masonic signs and symbols. Leo had a vision of God in 2019, about Botucatu. In that vision he saw people leaving Botucatu and going to the nations like arrows, and he also saw people coming from different places in Brazil and from different nations coming to join the vision that God entrusted to the base in Botucatu he felt as if God spoke to him: “at the entrances to the city there are signs saying that this city is mine, but it is not! But that is my intention, that the city of Botucatu belongs to the Lord Jesus”. Based on Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”. And we as a base have walked in blessing, serving, training, inspiring, mobilizing, sending, preaching and reaching people both in our city, in Brazil and also in the nations of the earth.

School Leaders

Léo and Munich

Léo and Munich Paiva graduated from various schools of YWAM including the Intensive Biblical Study Seminar (SIEB) have led 2 DTSs and promite events, conferences, seminars with the aim of awakening people to the Word and missions. They have ministered and travelled extensively, both inside Brazil (Manaus/AM, João Pessoa/PB, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Curitiba/PR, Foz do Iguaçu/PR, Angra dos Reis/RJ, São Paulo/SP) and abroad (Dominican Republic, Haiti, Paraguay, Turkey and Greece) leaving behind a legacy of intensity, joy, service and excellence in the Kingdom of God. Together they are decdicated to training leaders and evangelism/missions