Montego Bay, Jamaica


*****For Deaf or fluent signers who have competed a DTS ONLY*****

YWAM Deaf World Jamaica
Blairgowrie Estate, Long Hill
Reading, St. James

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Why do a DBS?

Do you enjoy reading your Bible in your heart language? Do you enjoy having the Bible stories taught on by your pastor or group of pastors? As people that have access to Bible and Bible content, you are BLESSED!  


There are 70 Million people that are Deaf all over the world and only 2 % of them know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Out of the estimated 400 sign languages in the world today, there is only one sign language that has the whole Bible translated into the heart language for Deaf people; it is called the ASLV or the American Sign Language Version.  As YWAM Deaf World JA, our heart is to see more and more Deaf people experience God through understanding of His Word!  After 10 years of doing DTS in sign language with people who are Deaf, we are excited to pioneer a DBS in sign language for Deaf and fluent signers to learn God’s story, study all 66 books of the Bible and learn how to observe, interpret and apply it to their lives.

Why Montego Bay?

Currently, YWAM Deaf World in Jamaica is the only YWAM training base for the Deaf. This unique DBS is for Deaf people that use sign language as their main mode of communication and for fluent signers.  The whole DBS will be in sign language without interpretation into voiced English.  A requirement for entering this DBS is that you are a graduate of the Deaf World DTS and are a fluent signer.

School Leaders

Daniel McClelland

This DBS will be co-led by Daniel McClelland and Caleb Resch.  Daniel McClelland did his BCC with his wife in 2010 in San Jose, Costa Rica, pioneered the Deaf World DTS/Ministry in 2013 and has been serving as the leader of this ministry ever since.  He currently lives in Montego Bay, JA with his wife, Carole, and two children, Olive and Valor.

Caleb Resch

Caleb Resch did his DTS in 2014 in the 2nd Deaf World DTS in Washington DC and has been serving with Dan and Carole since graduating from his DTS.   He has a passion and heart for the Bible and teaching the Bible to other Deaf people.