Pachuca, Mexico

Leona Vicario 100, Col. Sta Julia, 42080
Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo

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+52 669 23 29 208

Why do a DBS?

You finished your DTS and want to get to know God better? Then DBS is the right thing for you! This school gives you a biblical overview, which will help you to study the bible more profoundly. We read the bible completely, book after book, getting to know the original audience, historical contexts and most importantly how to apply it to your life. We focus on the character and nature of God, in order to get to know and love Him more. We also emphasize God’s redemptive plan, where you will see how every book of the bible points to Jesus and how His love has been revealed to humanity. We come together after class in small groups to read the bible together and discuss the topics we are reading and learning about. You will learn how to present a short biblical overview and how to lead a bible study using the inductive method.




Why Pachuca?

As a base we believe in the importance of family in society and holistic discipleship of each person. Our focus are kids, teens and families. We are located close to Mexico City and around Pachuca there are different “pueblos magicos”, thermal waters and you can get to know beautiful places in Mexico. Pachuca is known for its mines, its delicious “pastes” and sports, it’s the cradle of soccer in Mexico. There are a lot of nice coffee shops in the center of Pachuca.


School Leaders

Paco and Alex
We are a YWAM family, Paco is from Mexico and Alex from Switzerland. We did our DTS in 2017 at the same date but in different places; Paco in Mazatlan and Alex in Alaska. In 2018 we met in the WISE school in Mazatlan and one year later we got married. We did our DBS in the first school in Mexico and we staffed the following DBS. Now we are serving full time at YWAM Pachuca.