Lancaster, USA

1932 West Main Street
PA 17522, USA

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+1 (717) 721-6724


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Why do a DBS?

Have you ever wanted to read the whole Bible, understand it in it’s original context and how to apply it to your life
today? The Discipleship Bible School is a 12 week Bible school where we read through the entire Bible and focus on
three main points: God’s character and nature, God’s redemptive plan for humanity from Genesis to Revelation and

God’s Biblical principles that endure through all generations. The focus of this school is that students would be
discipled and transformed by the truth of God’s word, have a basic understanding of the entire Bible, equipping them
to lead and disciple others into the truth of God’s word. The ultimate goal of this school is that you grow in your
relationship with the Lord, have a biblical foundation in the truth of God’s word and be equipped to study God’s word,
bringing discipleship, transformation and the truth of God’s word to others, no matter which sphere of society you
operate in.

Why Lancaster?

Lancaster County possess a rich legacy of zealous faith. An historic move of God has guided many from this region to enter into missions around the world, and an unquenchable love for thy neighbor has resulted in a lifestyle of uncommon care for the brethren and the stranger. The legacy of the Moravians and Anabaptists is observed among the Amish and Mennonite communities who mark this area with a distinct and passionate culture. We believe the missions movement of Lancaster County has only just begun, and we endeavor to partner with God in training the extraordinary men and women in this region for mission’s outreach.


School Leader

Lamar and Kara Zimmerman
Hi, our names are Lamar and Kara Zimmerman, and we are both originally from Lancaster, Pa.
We did our DTS and DBS in New Zealand, and have staffed DBS in Switzerland. Our passion
for DBS is to see a generation equipped to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, know
God’s word, fulfill their destiny, and influence every sphere of society for God’s kingdom.