Dhaka, Bangladesh

Savar, Dhaka – 1340, Bangladesh.
Email address: theotonius001@gmail.com

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Why do a DBS?

Do you want to know God more? Do you want to do an effective bible study in a short time? As a believer do you want to strengthen your faith? In this school, students will read the bible chronologically, learn the historical background, different kinds of biblical literature, the significance of Bible stories, whom it was written, and God’s redemptive plans. So that they will have a good basic biblical foundation, able to share their faith with others, and have an intimacy with God that it will build their character.

Why Dhaka?

Bangladesh, 99% of the people of this country are un-reached. It is very difficult to keep sound faith if you don’t have a good biblical foundation. Through DBS we hope to give Bangladeshis a chance to know God more through his Word, to understand his ways better, to, therefore, love him more and to obey him more. Dhaka, where the school will happen is the capital city of Bangladesh and it has vast communication with all over the country. In the school, we will leave in the community so students and staff will have benefits of learning and knowledge from each other outside of the class.

School leader

Jasenga Rema: Jasenga did her DTS in 2008 and has been working with YWAM the last 10 years in the bible training team, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She did her SBS in 2012, Titus Project 2013, staffed three SBS schools full time and twice part time, staffed also in Titus Project and the DBS in Ubon Rachathani, Thailand. She married Tubal Manda and has two lovely boys. This couple has a heart for laying the biblical foundation in Bangladeshi churches and beyond.