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Why do a DBS?

Today, truth is being challenged and tested at the core. As followers of Jesus, how do we determine what is true? We can listen to some good sermons, have good conversations with friends… or we could go directly to the source that God gave us, His Word, read it and know it for ourselves. The Bible is the foundation to our faith, and gives us many of the answers that people are asking. But how many of us believers have read through the whole Bible? At the end of DBS, you’ll be able to say to someone you’ve read through the whole book you base your truth upon.

The Bible: a way of worship that connects you to the author. God is inviting us to engage in His word – not because we have to, but because it gives God great joy to connect with your heart as you read through His stories and our history. You’ll get to know God in a much deeper way as you discover the whole story from Genesis to Revelation. You’ll see God’s plan of redemption, get to know His character, and you’ll even begin to see how you fit into God’s story!

Learning with others is fun. Many people start the Bible but have a hard time finishing it. Or they’ve read the Bible but wished they could have others there to discuss some of the questions that came up while reading it. On a DBS you get to learn and read in a group setting which enriches what you can get out of God’s word as you listen to others and enjoy going through the text together!

Get some practical tools for ministry and help end Bible poverty. Whether you’re new to doing ministry or have been doing it for years, it’s always useful to get some tools to help connect others with God’s word. As you engage with God’s word yourself and share it with others, you’ll be able to help others end Bible poverty in their own hearts. By the end of the DBS, our aim is that you feel confident in leading a small group discussion, giving a basic introduction to any book, and sharing an overview of the Bible.

Why Bad Blankenburg?

Have you heard of Martin Luther? The Reformation? Well… that all happened in this region of Germany and because of that, there is a rich inheritance with the Word of God. Not only that, our base building was a former printing press that printed and delivered over 100,000 Bibles to Germany and Eastern Europe. During the school, we’ll visit where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German and see some other sights to give us more understanding of how the Word of God has impacted society.

We are actively engaged in the “End Bible Poverty Now” campaign. Last year, we kicked off Germany’s nation-wide Bible distribution project, offering a Bible to every home. The project has started in our area, and so far we’ve been to over 8,000 homes offering a Bible. We are community that has a passion for God’s word – believing it can change lives and that it can transform communities.

Our base is located in the heart of what was former East Germany, the part that was run by the Soviet Union. Christians were persecuted and having no faith was promoted. Even though it’s been 30 years since the wall came down – you can still see the effects that this time had on the people and the church. We as a base have a great connection to the local pastors and churches and we look forward to seeing how we can be a blessing to them during the DBS and share with them the ‘treasures’ we receive from God’s word.

School leaders


Suse Chmell

YWAM Bad Blankenburg’s key leader, Suse Chmell, grew up hearing stories Christian movements that were started by her Grandfather in Bad Blankenburg. She has been a YWAMer since 1994, and before pioneering the base in Bad Blankenburg in 2014, she staffed SBS and taught on over 15 schools. Suse has a degree in Biblical studies and is passionate about connecting people and ideas to the great commission.