Contagem, Brazil

Rua Geraldo de Souza Meireles nº 600
Contagem- Minas Gerais

Upcoming school:
28 de julho à 23 de outubro de 2024 – lecture
24 de outubro a 15 de dezembro – outreach

Fees lecture phase:
R$500,00 de matrícula.
R$4.800,00 de mensalidades.
Aproximadamente $1020,00 USD

Possible outreach routes:
Sertão Nordestino Brasileiro.
São Tomé e Príncipe (África Central)
Oriente Médio


Contact DBS:
+55 (11) 95438-9910 (Laís)
instagram @dbsjocumcontagem

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More information:
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+55 (31) 9272-7564

Why do a DBS?

DBS invites you to dive 3 months in the reality of knowing God to make him known. It brings this sense of relating to the living truth, with knowledge, but totally together with the action of the Holy Spirit! Yes, it is in Spirit and Truth! DBS works on the Biblical Overview approaching the meta-narrative of the Great History of God, realizing from the beginning who is the main character of the story, his guidelines for living as well as the biblical principles and his plan of redemption which is constantly announced to the flow from it. It also makes us immerse ourselves in the reality of each book, understanding its contexts, target audiences and how this truth is perpetuated until today. And in the midst of all this construction, we see the word take us to a place of devotion, respect and love for God, living and worshiping him in the way that he commands us and wanting to encourage others to live in such a way too.




Why Contagem?

Brazil is a country with diverse ethnicities, in addition to having a vast world of different cultures even though it is Brazilian, from states to states there is a lot of cultural diversity. It is a beautiful country, full of good adventures and challenges to be explored. We are passionate, the joy and the courage to live are always stamped on our faces. We love life, and we love the revelation of a God who is life and love. Our YWAM base in Contagem, was our first base in Brazil over 40 years ago and from here many other pioneering works in the nations existed. Our community has breathed nations, reached them and the desire to live new things with God let revelation of his glory come. And we want as a basis to be a platform for the calls of many who will collaborate in the construction of this Great History of God that we are included in and that still has a final result, it has its space for co-creation with its author! We are in a state of Minas Gerais, a state further inland but that was the breadbasket of large Brazilian churches and important movements that emerged in Brazil together with YWAM.


School Leaders

Matheus & Laís
Matheus and Laís, in YWAM since 2016, work with training and discipleship. We made some schools inside that we believe would help me on this journey. We love DBS because it includes us in the History of God and invites us to participate in it so that there are good things in our lives and also in the lives of other people who are presented to us along the way! In our hearts there is a desire to eradicate biblical poverty from our own hearts and from that to make others have the same experience as well.