Udon Thani, Thailand

65/17 Soi Thepburi, Tambon Makkhaeng
AmphurMuang Udon Thani
41000 Thailand
Tel: +66831417898 / +66945101212; email: ywam.udonthani@gmail.com

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Why do a DBS?

Have you ever felt the difficulty for maintaining your life as a disciples of Jesus Christ after finishing your DTS and back to your common life? Have you ever experienced that you doubted your faith when you faced hindrances in your mission field? You must continue to receive life, wisdom and faith from the word of God in order to keep our discipleship and ministry areas in your life and DBS can help you stand firm and keep going for your discipleship on the foundation of the word of God. You can find out every subject of each Bible book, the meaning of main events and the God’s salvation plan throughout whole Bible by reading and sharing what we get with your small groups in 12 week-DBS processes. You can taste the pleasure that discover the hidden treasure in Bible and you want to find out more! Most of all, you will fall in love with the author of Bible and that the Bible becomes your companion for life.

Why Udon Thani?

Udon Thani is located in the north-east area of Thailand, approximate 570km apart from Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand and about 80km apart from Vientiane which is the capital city of Laos. It is the reason that Udon Thani can be an outpost for sharing Gospel to Laos for the mission. Around 120 years ago, one of the Thai royalty name is Prince Prajak Silapakhom had established the city of Udon Thani, he became the founder of the city and, nowadays, has become a main idol for the people of Udon Thani. YWAM Udon Thani has been pioneered since 2007, tries to help the youngsters in Udon Thani turn back to God and them dedicate their lives for God and the city become the place of worship God only through worships, intercessions & campus ministry. There are many people who want to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and persecuted by their families & the society which have Buddhism background because of their decisions. Will you wanna be a friend in their lives in faith? Wanna help them to be a blessing for the nations? Wanna study the word of God and seek God with them? And will you wanna seek the kingdom of God in Thailand & Indo-China? Then we’d like to invite you to come our DBS, YWAM Udon Thani. You will understand and possess the heart of Father God toward Thailand and Indo-China.

School leaders

Youngju Kim: 2000 DTS Hong Cheon, YWAM Korea; 2001 – present Missionary in YWAM Thailand; 2002 Studied SBSCC / YWAM Khon Kaen, Thailand; 2006 Studied SBS / UofN Jeju, YWAM Korea; 2007 Has pioneered campus ministry at Udon Thani; 2009 Married with Jiwan Ku (5-year son name is Yul); 10 times DTS staff; 2 times DTS leader / YWAM Khon Kaen, Thailand; 1 time of DBS staff / YWAM Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. Has the vision that make disciples by teaching the word of God.