Querétaro, Mexico

Circuito Valle del Fresno Casa #424
Fraccionamiento El Avellano
San Juan Del Rio, Querétaro 76804, Mexico
+52 (1) 427-219-9759

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Why do a DBS?

Have you finished doing your DTS? Do you find yourself hungering to know God in a deeper and more intimate way? Do you want to know His Word better and experience greater transformation in your life?  Or maybe you would like to learn to better share and defend your faith while talking to those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  If this true, then DBS is the perfect school for you! In DBS, you take an amazing adventure with God by reading and studying through the entire Bible. As you read through the Old and New Testament, you will see your life radically transformed as you are discipled through His Living Word. In this 12-week Bible school, an overview of God’s Redemptive plan for man is covered while discovering how each book can be applied to your life today. You will be able to share your faith more confidently with those who are seeking the truth and explain the Word of God more accurately to those who’ve already come to faith but have never studied through the Bible for themselves!



Why Querétaro?

There is a section in the west central part of Mexico where less than 2% identify themselves as evangelical believers! It is a section composed of 6 states that share a common border. This part of the country has been named the “The Circle of Silence” because the influence of the Gospel has been missing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has not seriously or sufficiently penetrated this area of the country where many are more engulfed in Catholic tradition than in the other parts of Mexico. This causes more of a hardening to “other religions” and to outside missionary influence.  Some small cities within the circle have a sufficient number of evangelical churches to reach their

areas with the Gospel. However, other areas lack churches altogether.  Many congregations, therefore, are very weak and lack training in the Bible, evangelism, discipleship and outreach. There is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done in this region of Mexico. Why I am telling you so much about this area? Our base is located within the “Circle of Silence”. Come to our Base in San Juan Del Rio to study God’s word and help us break the silence!






School leader:

Brent and Selina Miller
Brent grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, and graduated with his Bachelors of Nursing from Auburn University. Selina, on the other hand comes from Switzerland and holds a diploma of Hospitality, Hotel- and Restaurant Management. Before they got married in 2020, both of them helped lead and pioneer DBS Schools in different nations…Selina in the Pacific and Brent in Latin America. Their desire is to champion young adults and end biblical literacy within the church worldwide! Currently, Brent and Selina are full-time staff at YWAM Querétaro in Mexico.