Potchefstroom, South Africa

Fire & Fragrance South Africa

Spruitstreet 36, Potchefstroom
South Africa.

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Why do a DBS?reading

As part of our 10-month school, Revival & Reformation, we want to allow students to
start off with gaining an understanding of the storyline of God through the DBS. We desire our students to be equipped with tools to study the Bible on their own for decades to come through offering different ways to approach personal studies in the Word. In believing God to raise up leaders that are able to cultivate a culture of revival – in their own lives and communities – and bring reformation wherever God might send them from a Biblical worldview, we are excited to  pioneer this first DBS in our F&F community in South Africa.



Why South Africa?

From our Fire & Fragrance plant in South Africa, we are excited to continue to offer second-level training to the future students God is sending to our community. We believe that equipping (young) people with practical tools to deepen their walk with God and understand more of what He has called them to walk in personally, is key to multiplying missions around the world. Our vision is to continue to come alongside and build people that are able to be leaders in the spheres of influence God has called them to. Whether this is in the 10/40 window, their workplace or university campus, we believe that the mandate of “discipling nations” is true for every believer and can be lived out when we understand what it means to carry a Biblical worldview into all of life.


Jaco Diederiks
My full name is Jacob Johannes Diederiks and I am originally from South Africa but have had the privilege to live in many places. I did my DTS in Kona Hawaii in 2018 but had been involved with missions since 2014. Since then I completed a Foundations for Revival and Reformation school which included a Bible core course and staffed 3 years of Revival and Reformation which later included the DBS school as its Bible course. It was in Kona that I met the love of my life Ashley and where we got to start our family with our firstborn son Hans. I have loved seeing how the DBS framework helps to give an overarching understanding of the word pulling out God’s redemptive plan since the beginning of time. I believe that the DBS school that is a part of Revival and Reformation South Africa will raise up bible teachers that will take The Word far and wide, taking with them a message of hope, redemption, power, and truth.

Ashley Diederiks
Originally I am from Oklahoma where I grew up in a family and community that loved Jesus with fire and zeal. I decided to join YWAM because I heard it is an organization of young people that love Jesus in a wild and extravagant way. This impacted me so much that I graduated High-school a Semester early to do my DTS in Kona, Hawaii in 2017. In 2018 I had the honor of staffing a DTS and co-leading an outreach team to the Philippines. I then went on to do Foundations for Revival and Reformation as a student-staff and then later on as a full staff. Along with my husband Jaco, we have staffed Rev & Ref for 3 years and one of my highlights was adding the DBS framework to the school. My heart for the DBS portion of Revival and Reformation South Africa is for young people to know God’s character and nature throughout the entirety of scripture. And then partner with His commission to us to make the God of the Bible known in His fullness.