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Why do a DBS?

It is one thing to be close to God intimately but it is another to know Him through truth. We want to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. David was a man after Gods own heart. He knew God intimately because he had a foundation in knowing who God is. His character and nature, His love, His promises, the way He moves – David knew it all. David dove deep. That is what a DBS is about. A DBS is designed for the Spirit to commune with Truth and unite in such a way that gives birth to revelation. To walk as Jesus walked and to love as Jesus loved we must come to a knowledge of the Truth. DBS will help you understand the importance in knowing the history, the context and the culture of the people of the Bible. The bible is our blue-print for life, it develops faith, and directs us through our lives. The Bible is the living word of God. DBS goes from the beginning to the end of a crazy story of redemption and love, and equips students to share this story with anyone from your church to your best friend. You’ll be reading the entire Bible throughout the 3 month school: this will all take place in staff-led small groups. The DBS is a community-based school that studies and grows together; it provides an environment in small groups to share what you’re learning and to discuss questions with one another. Guest speakers come each week to help unpack the truth of the Word and give structure for how to understand what you’re reading. The school goes chronologically through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation divided into biblical eras, each week another group of books. The times in the classroom and small group will seep into your daily life and mold you

into someone more like Christ. It makes you so full that you can’t help but to overflow into those around you. At the end of the 3 months of lectures you will be presented with the opportunity to go on an optional outreach to teach people the truth of God and the words He has spoken to you through His living Word.

Why Papua New Guinea?

It was once said to me that PNG stands for “People Need God” and I don’t think anything is truer than that. All over the world people need God. It’s a timeless truth. Everyone needs God. The DBS is a three month intense course that leads you to God. PNG needs God and what better way to bring it than by God’s Living Word? PNG is so beautiful and so full of culture. The experience of PNG is like no other and I could say the same of reading through the whole Bible, so why not do it together? Everyone around the world needs discipleship and go deeper into their knowledge of Truth. We need to develop our foundation on God and God alone. God is highlighting and doing amazing things in this country. He is sending everyone that will say yes. He is sending them to learn, to disciple others, to minister, and to love like Jesus did.

Come be a part of the things God is doing in Papua New Guinea and begin the life-long journey of diving deeper into His living word and pouring out the things you’ve learned into others. Besides, I’d like to think that the best place to be discipled in the word, is on an island.

Our philosophy of training is “live-learn,” recognizing that learning doesn’t just take place in classroom lectures, but also through serving, living in community, one-on-one discipleship, small group discussions and more. Furthermore, every training course leads directly into related ministry opportunities, both in the context of YWAM Perth and further afield. Missions training doesn’t just involve facts and figures but real lives, real needs and real communities. In the DBS you will go beyond simply the theoretical and be practically equipped for ministry. You don’t need to wait to make a difference!

School Leaders

Jeremy Bolton (USA)

Jeremy, Lindsey, Hunter and Titus currently live in New Zealand working full-time at YWAM Queenstown partnering with YWAM in PNG. Jeremy has worked with the School of Biblical Studies and has led many Discipleship Training Schools and Discipleship BIBLE Schools. He now helps mentor others to multiply YWAM schools in Queenstown and the Pacific. Jeremy is excited to continue helping with the DBS in PNG and the pioneering of the DBS’s in the Pacific.



Selina Stouthandel (Switzerland)

Selina recently had the privilege of helping launch the very first DBS in 2018 in Mount Hagen, PNG. That experience stirred up a passion in her for the Bible, young people and the nation of Papua New Guinea. She has a heart for hospitality, she is excited about championing young adults and loves adventures. Selina grew up in Switzerland, studied and worked there and was involved at the local church for over 10 years. After doing her DBS in New Zealand, she decided to become a full time staff in YWAM  Queenstown to continue helping pioneer DBS Schools in the Pacific.