Busan, South Korea

Changwon-si, South Korea

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Why do a DBS?

Be discipled, Go Disciple! There are billions of people living in Asia. Thousands of people come to Christ each day. How can we help to disciple the masses coming to faith? How can we disciple people in the ways of God other than through the Word of God? Through DBS by discovering God’s story as you trace it from Genesis to Revelations. Learn to help people apply God’s truth in a small group setting. Prepare tools to share the story of redemption.


Why Busan New Port, South Korea (base: YWAM Newport)

YWAM Newport is a new base that aims to see all nations and all generations to be trained and sent into all Korea and all nations. We want to see young people of different cities in Asia coming to know God and be discipled through His Word. Our vision for DBS here is to see God’s truth multiplied and learned all over Asia, in groups big or small. Students will be challenged to prayerfully look into some form of Bible engagement work after the school. Our prayer is that the school will be an incubator for teams to be formed to go and plant new works in Asia. So, come and join us!



School leader

Edmund N.: Edmund was born and raised in Asia. He did his DTS in 2004. Since then, he had done the School of Biblical Studies (SBS), School of Frontier Missions (SoFM) and served with YWAM. His passion is to see people knowing God relationally and be freed through His truth to live their lives with confidence as the sons and daughters of God.