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    Oregon, USA

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Why do a DBS?


The Discipleship Bible School (DBS) is a chance to dig deep into the most exciting book on the planet! Amongst the pages of the Bible is a mix of sensational true stories, fascinating history, interesting characters, powerful teaching, and most incredibly, many words from the Maker of the Universe Himself. Prepare to go through all 66 books of God’s Word, gaining an overall perspective of God’s story. You will learn techniques for effective Bible study, and a series of guest speakers will help you unlock the Bible’s fascinating content.

The DBS is an amazing beginning to your journey of understanding how to read and study the Bible for yourself. Our heart is that through the DBS that the Word would be revealed to you in Spirit and in Truth.  The Bible is God’s gift to us and is able to be read and understood by everyone! During your DBS, you will gain practical skills on how to pull historical context and study the Bible inductively to learn for yourself and teach others. You will continue your discipleship journey through reading the Bible, working in small groups, and one-on-ones. We can’t wait to join you on your journey!

Why Damascus?

YWAM Damascus was born out of a history of prophetic words over the city that called Damascus a “Place for new beginnings” and “the little town that would do big things”. It is a place for transformation and catching the heart of God for the nations to see the Great Commission completed in this generation! Damascus is conveniently located between Portland and Mt Hood, right in our backyard we have epic hikes and access to nature as well as a vibrant and dynamic city. We are located in a quiet town giving the opportunity to step away from the busyness of life and immerse yourself in the Word. We as a community are deeply committed to cultivating a life that reflects the ways of Jesus and training young adults to reach their spheres of influence.

School Leader


Rebecca Kemper
Rebecca did her DTS at YWAM Oxford in 2015 then went on to attend a BCC-On Location in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2017. It was there she fell deeply in love with Scripture and grew a passion to share God’s Word! She had the honour of helping staff and lead the DBS at YWAM Oxford for a number of years and is now living back in the USA, working with YWAM Damascus, Oregon. It is a new campus launching in 2023 with the heart to see young adults intentionally discipled to see nations transformed. Rebecca and her husband Alec are passionate about people falling in love with the Word and seeing it transform lives; they believe the DBS brings a special invitation to understand who God is on a deeper level and bring freedom to how we live our lives!