Temuco, Chile

JuCUM Palabra Viva
Juan Pablo II 990
Padre las Casas, Región de la Araucanía

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Why do a DBS?

The Bible is the only window in this world through which we are able to see eternity” (Anonymous)

Nowadays, we live in an anxious world looking for an answer to the crisis we’re facing century after century. The imperialism, communism, existentialism, modernity and its promises, postmodernism and its liberties are some of the failures of humankind in the quest for ideological and moral foundation as a guarantee in order to create a just civilization. After 500 years of the protestant Reformation and its fruits in the West, many Christians have remained muted and allowed hopelessness to darken their hearts, despite the fact that God has already given us the way to the fullness from the beginning. God, the creator of the world, has not blinded us, He has given us the Bible so we can know Him, understand how to live, in order to share His character with others and reach happiness. We need to turn to the Bible, to come back to the old path, in which we find the truths for building our lives, our families, businesses, our government systems and our nations. The DBS will be a revival experience where you will discover the treasures – not hidden treasures – in the Bible so that you fall in love with God and get passionate about His redemptive plan for humanity and that you will become a reformer of the 21st century in the sphere or nation God has called you to.

Why Temuco?

“To End the Bible Poverty in all its kinds’’ is the motto of our missionary campus located in Temuco, Chile. This land, in southern Chile, was known as “The Last Frontier” during Spanish colonization. Europeans could not conquer this region and stablished a border with the brave indigenous people named “Mapuches” that lasted for 300 years. In the end of 19th century, the gospel came and spread fast and broad in the area. Both colonizers and indigenous people came to the Lord, and today Araucania is the largest Christian region of Chile. Unfortunately, by then, the message of Christ came with a dangerous premise: “The letter kills“. This portion of the scriptures twisted with a lie got roots and produced Christians with poor knowledge and grasp of the holy Word. We are committed to equip all those Christian people and mobilize them to the nations in every area of the society. In our campus, we have opportunities for church ministry, Bible training, indigenous communities, University students, evangelism, community development, oral Bible translation/interpretation, online programs, etc.
Come and be part of Ending Bible Poverty Now!

School Leaders

Tulio and Daniela

Tulio and Daniela has worked with bible ministry since 2009. Helped pioneer bible schools in Chile, Brazil, Portugal and Uruguay. Now working in southern Chile, Araucania Region, Commited to End Bible Poverty in the world.