Queenstown, New Zealand

YWAM Queenstown
PO Box 2784
Queenstown 9349
New Zealand

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Why do a DBS?

Would you like a life-changing close encounter with God? The Discipleship Bible School is a chance to dig deep into the most exciting book on the planet! Amongst the pages of the Bible is a mix of sensational true stories, fascinating history, interesting characters, powerful teaching, and most incredibly, many words from the Maker of the Universe Himself. During the Discipleship Bible School, you will be reading through all 66 books of God’s Word, gaining an overall perspective of God’s story. You will learn techniques for effective Bible study, and a series of guest speakers will help unlock the Bible’s fascinating content.

Studying the Bible can be both fun and beneficial! Here’s what the apostle Paul said: “All scripture is inspired by God, and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17 NLT)

God uses the Bible to reveal truth, to teach us and to prepare us for life as His representatives in the world. A good knowledge of God’s Word is so valuable for believers, no matter what their calling is. It’s an incredible privilege to have the Bible to study!

The DBS is a great time to saturate yourself in God’s powerful and life-changing Word. Alongside Bible study, the DBS will also be engaging with God in times of worship and intercession, and partnering with God in sharing the Good News with the local community. There will also be an exciting opportunity to put learning into practice on an outreach, taking God’s Word to the nations!

Why Queenstown?

God must have had fun creating New Zealand. The alpine scenery around Queenstown is a constant reminder of God’s creativity and majesty, making it a great place to connect with the Maker of it all!

YWAM Queenstown itself is a vibrant and rapidly growing new base, planted by God in one of New Zealand’s main tourist hotspots. About two million tourists from around the globe flock to Queenstown annually. This is a place that the nations come to. However, God has earmarked Queenstown as a place to train His people and send them out to the nations. God has amazing plans, which we’re thrilled to see unfolding! Our heart is to be a centre where people can discover their identity and calling, be trained, prepared and equipped, and then released to carry it out.

A big focus of YWAM Queenstown is on sharing the Good News, both with the local community, and out in the nations. Abroad, the base has a special spotlight on the Pacific – particularly Papua New Guinea – and South East Asia. We wish the DBS to reflect the broader base’s focus on local and international outreach, and take Bible knowledge to the nations and communities where there is so much need for it.


Optional outreach to PNG: Our base has adopted a province in PNG called East New Britain for End Bible Poverty and we are committing to get a bible in every home in East New Britain. Our DBS is partnering with this vision, working on bible engagement and teaching in PNG. This will be a great opportunity to serve PNG and use what you learn to help others.

School Leaders

Rose Szczur

Ever since she took the DBS at YWAM Queenstown in 2017, Rose has a zeal for studying the Bible! She has been a part of most of the DBS’s at YWAM Queenstown and was apart of two pioneering teams to start DBS’s in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. She lead her first school in 2019 and is still actively involved in leading schools..


Jonathan Goltz

From Colorado, USA, Jon has been living in New Zealand for 2 years. He helped pioneer the first DBS in Queenstown and has been leading them since. He has a passion for us to become ‘doers’ and not only ‘hearers’ of the word. He now leads the DBS to equip people for a life of following Christ and stepping into the truth of who they are in Christ.