DBS International Gathering

January 5 – 13, 2019

Our first International DBS Gathering for leaders and staff starts in just over two months. We are excited about what the Lord is going to do in our midst.

Our guest speaker

We have invited Kim Ryan to teach our morning sessions. Kim Ryan and his wife Anne pioneered Christ the King Church in Lynden Washington around twenty years ago. Over the next fourteen years they built it to around 2,000 members (even in a town with only 10,000 population!). Kim’s life changed when he read Rick Warren’s Peace Plan. It enlarged his vision from a local perspective to a global one. Soon, God led them to Cambodia where they started training local pastors. Doors started opening in India also. Pastors were crying out for training on how to build a healthy church. Kim and Anne stepped down from their Washington church to devote themselves to become global PEACE pastors. They have seen over 30,000 salvations in both nations, 10 churches a day are being planted in India, and communities are being transformed. Their strong focus on a global vision is based on training and equipping local leaders and teaching them the keys to do this. This means they can show us how to plant strong DBS schools around the world. They can train us to raise up students and staff to become mature disciples. They can help us identify our unique gifts and talents so that we operate in the areas where we will be most effective for Christ.

Morning sessions with Kim Ryan:

  1. Discipleship that changes lives
  2. Leadership that empowers
  3. Pioneering effectively
  4. Releasing God’s love in our Small Groups
  5. Bible Teaching that deepens our relationship with God

Afternoon sessions will be focused on these areas:

  1. Seeking the Lord in how to apply what we are learning.
  2. Break out sessions (based on your feedback).
  3. How to reach 100 DBS locations by the end of 2020 (we are close to having 40 locations already).
  4. Developing strategies for being consistent with our program and raising godly leaders
  5. Loren Cunningham and David Hamilton will also share their vision with us.


The conference cost is $440 based on eight days in the hospitality GO Center (arrive Jan 5th; depart Jan 13th 2019). We received permission for you to come one day earlier, so you may arrive the 4th of January for an additional fee of $ 35 per person. You can pay online. We will tell you how to do this by separate email.

Action Steps

  1. Please email us your name, where you did your DBS and your flight information.
  2. Please let us know if you need airport pick up.
  3. Please let us know whether you want us to book a room in our hospitality GO Center.
  4. Please pass on this invitation to whoever you know might be interested, we welcome both DBS leaders, staff and whoever else in YWAM interested in working with DBS some time in the future.

Welcome to our first International DBS Gathering!

Blessings and Aloha,

Jo van Bakel

DBS International